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The greatest gift is the gift of Real Love. Click here to order copies of The Commitment Chronicles.

From Cheryl:

With each day this season, we have dozens of opportunities to spring into action, learning about ourselves, our loved ones and the world we live in. It is my hope that this website may assist you in your journey. Take some time, explore and remember sunny days will come again.



I was the featured guest on Inez Bracy's "Living Smart and Well" radio program. This global broadcast can be heard at Inez, a nationally known life coach trainer and speaker, and I spent a wonderful hour together discussing the personal, mental, physical, emotional, financial, and educational aspects of empowering our well-being no matter how difficult, crazy, and stressed we may be feeling right now. Be sure to visit and become amazed as Inez helps show us how to discover our "Genius Within" to create the lives we truly desire.

Also, my music is finally being played on national radio. I nearly ran a red light when I heard it! Many of you have asked how to purchase a CD (particularly of the song "Send Me a Man.") I have 2 CDs that are being played. Each one of them has 8 or 9 songs on it. "Send Me a Man" is the first song on my CD entitled JUST HAVIN' FUN. It is composed of upbeat country, dance, and gospel songs to enliven your step and celebrate the "wild woman" within!

The second CD is called MOMENTS OF GRACE. The song being played is named "Park Place." The music of this CD is entirely instrumental. I wrote and played this music for the purpose of healing and exploring the outer realms of the boundless possibilities of your life. All of the music is meant to be listened to in a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to enjoy a few moments of delicious time just for you.

Songs from each CD are also posted below for your enjoyment. Should you want to purchase a CD, they are $10 each. This includes shipping and handling. Simply make out a check to :
Cheryl McClary and mail it to the following address:

6 Sunset Lane
Asheville, NC


Cheryl on As You Think with Father Paul Keenan
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Send Me A Man from Just Havin' Fun by Cheryl McClary:
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Park Place from Moments of Grace by Cheryl McClary:
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The Story

“Cheryl has found the secret to developing an intimate, fulfilling marriage. She shares that secret with warmth, wisdom & humor.” –Andie MacDowell, Actress

Could staying committed to a long-term relationship be as simple as understanding the difference between real and surreal love?

Could fully understanding yourself provide the key to a rejuvenated relationship with your husband?

“This book is not politically correct or socially proper,” writes author, Cheryl McClary. “It is a streetwise, straight-shootin, fun, real-life book that will work for you.”

With years of teaching experience and over two decades of marriage in her belt, Cheryl McClary offers women of all ages a simple, functional approach to making a long-term committed relationship work.

“Days are gone when a woman will put up with anything to keep a man,” she writes. “A new face requires that women be strong, independent, happy for herself, and happy to be herself, constantly journeying toward wholeness. That’s the reality.”

Dr. McClary urges her readers to examine their relationships, to bravely face their own mistakes, and enlist the support of their mates in order to make positive changes. “Relationships are our reason for being. A successful relationship fosters mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, communication and mutual fulfillment. The real question is not whether you’ve won or lost, but whether you’ve loved or failed to love.”