About the Author


Dr Cheryl McClary, Ph.D., J.D. is a professor of Women’s Health at UNC-Asheville, as well as an attorney, songwriter, wife, and mother.

A native of Memphis Tennessee, Cheryl received her Ph.D. in Public Health at the University of Tennessee. She earned her M.S. and J.D. from Memphis State University and studied French at the University of Dijon.

Cheryl’s academic research has covered women’s health issues, employee wellness, student drug and alcohol abuse, small business health concerns, and various applications of biological and environmental law, including embryo implantation and corporate environmental impact. A co-author of Wellness and the Liberal Arts (Kendall Hunt), she is widely published with dozens of articles in such journals as The Journal of School Health and National Issues in Higher Education.

The Commitment Chronicles follows Cheryl’s studies of the effect of relationships on health, and her desire to help women seeking to resolve relationship problems. Drawing on her experiences and personal evolution in her twenty-three year marriage, the book offers women techniques in owning their future, exploring and developing identity, nourishing their mind and body, building self-confidence, and re-shaping their lives with men into healthy, happy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Cheryl has spoken and traveled extensively in support of her book. She has also kept a regular calendar of speaking engagements over the years on such topics as stress reduction, aging, sexuality, medical ethics, health and safety practices, and national security.
A regular musician and published songwriter, Cheryl has composed country and western songs, soundtracks for public service announcements, and classical music. She is represented by Whirlwind Records.

Cheryl McClary lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and their two sons.
To contact Cheryl about a book signing or presentation, please call her at (828) 254-4007, or email her at cherylmcclary@charter.net